Wedding Trophy, Personal Gift for Your Friend

Sharing in joy and sorrow, is the most memorable memories in a friendship. When the sad story is told to a friend, his sorrow will be halved. While the experience of joy will multiply when we share it with friends. Many important moments in our lives that we can share with friends, including graduation and marriage. In those two moments of joy in addition to the closest family, the Companions also celebrate and pray for the best for us. One way to celebrate those important moments is to give gifts to friends. Looking for a memorable gift is a very difficult case. The last few years of giving trophy prizes or plaques for friends who marry or celebrate graduation become a trend. Because trophy designs are custom made to your liking or custom-made, the selection of these items as a gift for personal impressed friends. re-order the wedding trophy for friends, this time coming from a friendship can calling themselves LD. Trophy ordered is a rotating trophy which will be given when one by one LD member married. For more info you can visit: The first time this wedding trophy will be awarded to their first married member Diah Ayu with his partner Equivalent Armando. Simple shaped trophy design, with LD-shaped body of each other linked. The LD letter for the trophy body is made of 15 centimeter transparent acrylic which is processed through laser cutting and laser engraving techniques. While the cup base is made from a combination of black acrylic material with gravoply plate. The front of the base is inscribed with the name of friendship gank and pearl words about true love. Writing digraphirs through laser engraving techniques which then fill the white paint. While the back of the gravoply base plate is engraved with the same technique, to list the married members following their wedding date. Seven numbers in the list were prepared for the seven members of the LD gank that after being engraved on fill with black paint. Consult with the design and shape you want, we will be happy to provide the best service.  ]]>