They are finding new ways to get control of your data

identity fraud, scamming mails, rouge callers. It seems like it is never-ending. Every time the phone rings early in the evening I am expecting to hear someone telling me they think my computer has been compromised and they want me to grant them access. It is as annoying as it is slightly terrifying the lengths these people will go to in order to either scam you out of divulging your security details to then hold your information to ransom for payment in cash or more commonly now in bitcoins. Image Credit It seems like it I not only your computer system that is susceptible to these types of hacking and fraudulent attacks. Even your mobile phone and your VoIP business telephone system are being targeted. As this type of technology becomes more and more popular so the hackers are becoming more interested in the data they can harvest from you as well as the money that can be made. This is why International voip wholesale provider inform their clients of the potential risk points of the system so that they can take any necessary measures to protect themselves. The impact that they have on companies is massive. A survey that was conducted on a global scale by the Communications Fraud Control Association noted that in 2015, fraud cost the industry in excess of $36 billion that year. This will have increased dramatically in the three years since the survey was conducted. Image Credit There have been four main types of fraud that occur on VoIP systems identified in recent years, although more and more appear almost daily. A couple of these include:

  • Id fraud and spoofing – this is where hackers access your telephone systems and begin to impersonate members of your business and then link their telephone calls to this system. For example, a company is hacked by fraudulent individuals who then route the calls across to other countries and as a result cause the companies telephone bills to increase astronomically.
  • Premium routes – this is where they are routing calls across to premium rate lines that are usually international.
VoIP technology is incredibly useful and has almost revolutionized the way that business communicate and has opened up new possibilities for more flexible styles if working. Making sure that you are on top of your business internet security will help you to continue to thrive as a business.    ]]>