How To Know Who Is Frequently to Stalking in the Instagram

Of course we are very curious, actually anyone who often stalking our Instagram account. To Stalking is a new term in the Instagram world which means the activity of peeking someone’s profile account secretly. This activity is done by stalkers who often want to know everything from our profile whether it’s seeing photos, videos etc. By knowing who often see our Instagram profile account, then the stalker can be admired or even like us. Even so, it must be anyone who is doing it often to our profile. Well now there is an application name that is able to detect the stalker his name is who viewed my Instagram. This app is free for you to get on Playstore. small sized and usefully quite satisfactory. For that here’s more tutorial how to know who is often stalking our instagram account profile. Read Also: How To Know Who’s Always Stalking Our Instagram Step 1: First of all please find and download the first application Who Viewed my Instagram on Instagram on Playstore. Or can directly download it here. Step 2: After that open its application. Then we will be given login option using Instagram. Click the button and then this application will automatically connect with our Instagram. Step 3: After successfully logged in, wait a few seconds until the app is finished tracking the top 20 people who often to stalking our Instagram account. Ok, just so simple it. Hopefully useful!]]>