Five top digital marketing tips

Image Credit 1. Create a digital plan To benefit from digital marketing strategies, you need to create a plan that outlines what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it. As part of your plan, it is vital to define your target audience and your budget constraints. A robust plan will also take into account any changes that may occur within the business, with contingency measures in place. 2. Become mobile responsive Since more of us now use mobile devices for viewing online content than desktop computers, you are behind the times and risk losing your audience if your website is not set up for effective mobile viewing. Making sure your website is mobile responsive means that it can be designed so that it adjusts its size according to the device used. According to Smashing Magazine, mobile responsive design eliminates the need for a new design and development phase for every gadget on the market; in addition, you can be assured of offering the optimum user experience. Image Credit 3. Make use of social media Using social media is an influential strategy to widen your reach and communicate with your audience. With many platforms available free, this makes for a low-cost digital marketing strategy. Focus on platforms that relate to your site and your target audience the most, and make it easy for your web users to find your social media pages. A professional web development company in London, such as, can incorporate social share buttons in your website. 4. Add visual media Images or videos can enhance your written content, provided they are relevant and of high quality. Use them on your site and social media pages, such as Instagram. If you need to explain technical data or how-to-use information, this is an effective way to showcase this. Just make sure your media files are not so heavy that they cause your site pages to slow down when loading. 5. Email campaigns To tie in with the above measures, it makes sense to add email campaigns to your digital marketing methods. By building customer email lists, you can target a specific audience with relevant messages about your products; in turn, this can boost sales.]]>