3 Tips for Buying Industrial Blending Machines

There’s no such thing as a purchase without risk, and that includes your choice in industrial blending machines. However, if you’re willing to be smart, patient and methodical, you can get pretty close to a risk-free purchase! Here are just a few shopping tips as you start looking for your next industrial blender. 1. Compare and Contrast Different Blender Types Industrial blending machines come in several varieties. While all of them will blend together your chosen materials, they’ll have different blades that interact with those materials in different ways. Here’s a short list of potential blenders that you can buy: – Ribbon blenders – Paddle blenders – Rotary blenders – Dual shaft blenders – Fluidizers There are also continuous and non-continuous models if you like or dislike batch jobs. They can be a nice way to get homogeneous mixtures, but they can also require more money and maintenance in the long run. It’s up to you to decide if the trade-off is worth it! 2. Think About Functions, Features and Specs Just like buying a new car, buying an industrial blender will require you to look at different specifications (specs) and decide if they’re right for you. Maybe you need something of a particular speed; maybe you need a blender that can handle a particular volume. Maybe you’re trying to be eco-friendly, so something with high energy demands isn’t a good fit. Whatever you decide in the end, just make sure that you’ve considered all of your options. 3. Mind Your Money This is the final and most important aspect of choosing an industrial blender. How much money can you put towards it? How much can you afford to spend on delivery, assembly and upkeep? Try to balance both your immediate costs and your “five year” costs. You’ll appreciate the foresight in the future. Industrial blenders can be a tricky thing to purchase, but you don’t have to make your decision blindly. In fact, if you absorb these suggestions and take things slowly, you’ll be able to make an intelligent and conscientious purchase decision. Good luck!]]>