future technology The hawk-eye method has helped track the trajectory of balls in cricket since 2001 and in tennis since 2004. Experiment with expertise you’ve been reading about. My prediction for the long run – Margaret Atwood type enclaves of tech amid ruins and peasants grubbing a meaningless existence, speaking concerning the legendary previous when life was fun. FTC has emerged because the foremost world-vast gathering of academic researchers, Ph.D. and graduate students, prime analysis think tanks and trade expertise developers. On the positive side, there is a sense that applied sciences like AI or autonomous driving are going to unravel huge societal issues in a matter of some years. Likewise, drones began out as a army expertise, but are increasingly being used for a variety of shopper and business purposes. Some applied sciences and merchandise will be nice for sure sub-segments of the market and nonetheless be both a technical and financial success.future technology]]>