Porch House Design Ideas

Owning a house is indeed everyone’s dream, including us, one of the most important things of a home is the porch. These following porch design ideas will certainly make your home more beautiful. 

Round stone floor 

stone floor tiles design like this are made from a variety of different materials. It can be cement or concrete. It can also be cut from stone in a round shape, like paving. Making the entrance to the house from this material is done in several stages and requires expertise. 

Clay and cement 

Clay floors and cement slabs are interesting solutions in making a porch. This porch can harmonize the main entrance next to the house. The dimensions from the pottery trinkets will give an alluring impression of your desire. 

Limestone floor 

The limestone floor is almost porous and not slippery floor. It is suitable for areas around the front door that are often exposed to rain. Our experts use limestone floors with various shades of light gray, and it displays perfectly right at the front door. I love it. How about you? 

Stacked footpath 

There is nothing more natural than the entrance to the grassy house, like what portrays in this picture. Concrete steps are made to connect the house and the main entrance. It has sweet looks because it is interspersed with grass up to the entrance. 

Glowing floor 

Lighting has always been an element that makes the layout of a house attractive. Especially if placed in the area leading to the front door. Lights are placed under each step. The dark color of the floor material is a perfect touch to show the light. 

Blend of two colors of natural stone floors 

The marble floor around the front door can have gray and neutral colors, while the paths and steps are light browns. This color combination can distinguish between the area around the door and the below area. The area in front of the entrance must look more prominent because it is decorated by a more formal and firmer color. 

Color and shape combination 

Blending a small and large tile with different colors will make the terrace look special. Here, a small tile has the same color as the front door. Very unique right? You can also create variations of your floor pattern as you wish. Your entrance area will be more beautiful with your design. 

Brick floor 

Bricks are always appropriate when building a house, both for walls and floors. This type of flooring is durable, suitable for a variety of dimensions and gives character to your house. This material is suitable for modern, rustic and traditional design houses, following the facade of the house. You will find out its beauty after it has been installed.