November 2013

Though I’m a futurist, I have absolutely no thought what info and communications expertise will appear like in 50 years time. With drought parching the West, seeding clouds for snow is extra essential than ever. Though the patent was announced suspiciously close to April 1, it does exist (US Patent 8,996,429), and with our natural tendency to anthropomorphism it appears a probable growth.future technologyfuture technology Really feel like a tech lord in your fortress with this marvel. On the right frequency, the fire simply dies out, as researchers at George Mason University in Virginia just lately demonstrated with their sonic extinguisher. Exploring future technologies must be approached in an entirely new way.. (Cause has) come up with new ways of offering future know-how products and concepts to the lots, notably to these with a special curiosity within the subject.future technology It takes an astounding 1799 gallons of water to provide 1 pound of beef. The California-based start-up, Behavior plans to use genetic markers to determine the ideal meal for each of its clients, and send that meal directly to their doorways. We do comprehend it promises to blend the digital world with the actual world using what the company calls a digital light discipline signal that interfaces and talks to your brain”.]]>