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Months later, another Malaysia Airlines flight incident occurred above Ukrainian- Russian border (see figure2). The sources of the oxides that cause the acid rain are pure, volcanoes and decaying vegetation, and synthetic, combustion of fossil fuels (as seen in figure 1 and a couple of). The space probe, named Rosetta along with its Philae lander launched in 2004 for a ten 12 months, 6.4 billion kilometer journey to study the makeup of comet 67P/C-G (see Determine four), as a way to in the end assist scientists understand more about in the news Martian circumstances may be unfriendly to life, North Korea checks a missile, two supermassive black holes circle and nation music royalty serenades house station astronauts ‘” this and more in ‘s high stories for this week. The 12 months 2014 was a packed one for science typically and over the past 12 months scientists have made large advances in all fields of science, however this year has been especially busy for astronomical sciences. This 12 months, humanity will use an estimated 1.7 Earths price of resources – things like meals, energy, timber and other natural resources. Nitrogen is a crucial plant nutrient, however some forest systems might not be capable of use all they receive, resulting in nitrogen in the news]]>