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Science & Technology Research is an international peer-reviewed journal devoted to the advancement of scholarly research of science and technology as socio-materials phenomena, including their historical and modern production and their related types of knowledge, expertise, social organization and controversy. If we do not take the assistance of applied sciences equivalent to computer, internet, electrical energy, and so on we can’t be economically robust in the future and would be backward endlessly even we can not survive in such a competitive and technological and technology

The modules are: I. Cultural Studies of Science and Know-how; II. Ethics, Values and Science Coverage; III. Stanley Wolpert (2008) describes the measures taken by the Indian government to increase agricultural output: 15. Science and Technology have always been an integral part of Indian culture.

The Indian space program obtained only financial help from the Soviet Union, which helped the Indian House Research Organisation achieve goals equivalent to establishing the Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station , launching distant sensing satellites, developing India’s first satellite— Aryabhatta , and sending astronauts into the area.

Learn Water Science and Technology’s Editor-in-Chief, Wolfgang Rauch, on the journal’s initiative to allow more authors to publish their work open entry. The Economics of India’s Area Programme, Oxford University Press, New Delhi. Improvement of know-how relies on the way of software of assorted scientific knowledge in right path.

Within the new period, the science improvement has turn out to be a necessity to complete the era of bullock cart and convey the trend of motorized autos. Modern tradition and civilization has change into dependent over the science and applied sciences as they have grow to be integral a part of life in keeping with the need and requirement of the and technologyscience and technology

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