Dubai to Abu Dhabi – Best ways to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Well, actually the total distance between Abu Dhabi and Dubai is 65 miles by plane. These two giant cities are almost 90 minutes far from each other but there are different means of transport for moving to Abu Dhabi from Dubai. Abu Dhabi is located on the South-west of Dubai toward Sheikh Zayed Road with different modes of transportation available such as Rent a car Dubai, Taxis Buses and private cabs for traveling between these two cities is quite affordable and easy. As a visitor, you have actually no reason to come so far without any authentic and reliable conveyance for traveling. So, we need to make our mind to rely on the best transport by renting a Monthly car rental in Dubai as it may be a super deluxe or cheapest according to budget. Following are the transports that suit you while traveling to Abu Dhabi from Dubai or vice versa.

  1. Dubai to Abu Dhabi via Taxi
When your current target is to travel to Abu Dhabi from Dubai International Airport within the time period 10 pm to 5 am in the morning then the only option to travel through a taxi unless you rent a car in Dubai. A one-way drive from Dubai International Airport to Abu-Dhabi costs less than 250 Dirhams with an outstanding safest way of traveling with a stress-free medium of desired transport.
  1. Dubai to Abu Dhabi via Bus
Indeed, the system of the bus is more accessible by people as they leave Al Ghubaiba Bus Station after every 20 minutes in Dubai. The Metro Station provides a fast ride to the bus station from Dubai International Departure just because it is few steps far. These large buses will leave you to Abu-Dhabi within 2 hours at a cost of AED 25 maximum. It is the cheapest source of transport for the common public.
  1. Dubai to Abu Dhabi via Etihad Coach Service
Those passengers who are flying with Etihad Airways in economy class can get this service free of cost for Etihad coach that takes them from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and vice versa. Hence, reservations have to be made 24 hours before your trip. You can book it up by calling their office especially made for economy based class with a leveled luxury.
  1. Dubai to Abu Dhabi via Rent a Car
There are a lot of car rental companies in Dubai located across the different cities in UAE with a lot of office point in different places mostly, these offices lie close to airports. They are relatively cheap and affordable and easily accessible near shopping centers, malls or beaches. Highways are too free in Dubai but still, drivers need national plus international driving license. Secondly, your license must be in English it became a rule. You may rent a car in Dubai with prominent companies like Amex, Budget, Thrifty, Dollar, Sedan and many more less than 150 AED per day.
  1. Traveling to Abu Dhabi via Emirates Bus
Just as Etihad Airways do. Emirates Airways do same with its customers by providing them free traveling to those have traveled in an economy class flight with Emirates Airways. They provide free traveling to its customers within UAE.  ]]>