Applying Simple Copywriting Formula in Digital Marketing

Applying Simple Copywriting Formula in Digital Marketing

Every business owner cannot neglect the importance of social media. It has been reported that in Australia for the time being, approximately 79% of Australians use social media. Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram become the three top social media platforms there.

Therefore, it is a must for every business owner to make the most of it. They have to use social media to engage with their potential customers. In addition, for newcomers, they have to set a plan to build their brand using social media.

The next level that they have to master is about how to make copywriting. It is the best way to brand and promote as well. When you want to use social media for branding and promoting, here are simple copywriting formulas you can apply.

  1. Grab Audiences’ Attention

The most important thing to apply when you make a copywriting is to grab attention. You can do it by paying attention to what you write in the headline.

Try to write an emotional headline. Think about a current situation which is able to make the social media stop scrolling. Ask yourself what your audiences mostly care about lately. It can be an idea to grab their attention.

In addition, you can take the advantages of the picture as well. Especially when you use Instagram, you must use picture in every single post.

  • Give More Value

After writing a headline, try to give more value. Write anything that is important for your audiences. It can be current data, your investigation, or many others. Don’t let them waste their time when they stop and read your post.

  • Convince Them

Last but not least, you have to try to convince them to do what you like them to do. If you try to sell the product, convince them to take action right away.

In digital marketing, the use of copywriting correctly determines the success of your business. If you don’t think that you cannot do it, try to contact Digital Marketing Brisbane.  They will give you help to grow your business with their killer copywriting technique.