3 Amazing Modern Construction Technologies

As technology continues to evolve, the methods of construction also advance with it to meet the demands of the clients. That said, allow us to discuss some of the fantastic modern technologies that you should look forward to.

1. Hercules Single Strand Tensioning System

Technology has been beneficial when it comes to re-energizing the construction sector, especially with infrastructures like bridges that call for both durability and strength. To achieve this purpose, new technologies are lovely. Not only do they lessen the time spent, as well as the materials wasted during construction, it has also been proven that they improve both robustness and strength. Back in the days, cables were manually drawn, and the concrete was reinforced to make it more sturdy. Manual labor is needed for this, but the problem with this is that it also improves the expense necessary to complete a project. However, with the Hercules Single Strand Stressing System, project managers could enjoy a better solution for such a problem. The utilization of modern technology as well as machinery makes it possible to ensure quality. Aside from the Hercules Single Strand Stressing Systems, another incredible improvement would be the use of low-pressure hydraulics that is equipped with chucks and jacks that dispense tension cables.

2. Styrofoam Panels and Unbounded PT Slabs

This technology is being practiced and developed for several years already, and the reason for that is it offers excellent security to thermal convection that allows the production of heat controlled homes. Styrofoam panels are EPS foam that’s sealed between steel sheets for strength reinforcement, and it also acts as a thermal resistor. Aside from being heat resistant, another remarkable feature of this is that it can ensure wind speed by as much as 140mph. That’s why it’s perfect for places that experience hurricane quite often. The strength and durability Styrofoam offer make the building last longer, unlike those that were constructed using other materials.

3. Green Construction and LEED

Believe it or not, the green revolution has been affecting the construction industry in more ways than one. The global movement of helping the environment continues to grow every year. This only implies that during construction, it’s essential not to neglect the natural environment, and best of all, the materials used should not harm the situation either. This concept is being slowly introduced to all types of construction, and it’s not limited to residential development, but commercial construction is also a part of this. For that reason, a lot of construction experts would agree that green building is an eco-friendly solutions like waterfilled barriers could allow allow you not only to improve the productivity of your workers but save the environment as well. Aside from green construction, there’s also what we call LEED. This is the latest approach in construction technology and is being used to monitor the green construction level in this sector carefully. Furthermore, it also ensures the quality of materials and best of all, it pays attention to all related aspects to keep everything well-balanced.]]>